Quiet Contest to Silent Auction for Horse Rescue

Quiet Contest to Silent Auction for Horse Rescue
March 21, 2015 Alice MacGillivray
Riding Horseback in Purple

Horse Rescue Centers Need Support!

I just held a quiet contest (rare cousin to the silent auction) for my book Riding Horseback in Purple.  It was to benefit a horse rescue organization.  When I got my 300th “like” on the Facebook Page I would contact that person and ask if they would recommend a rescue center where they might appreciate the book.  I was very moved by the horse rescue people I interviewed when researching the book and wanted to raise awareness of this important work.

Fledge Fjord” was the 300th and writes: “I chose SAFE to honor all of the work that my friend Brittney Stewart has done to rehabilitate SAFE horses.  She has enabled several to become ride-able and go on to loving homes and happy lives.”

One Great Example of Rescue Work

SAFE: Save a Forgotten Equine is in Washington State.  Executive Director Bonnie Hammond writes: “SAFE would be honored to receive a copy of your book, and in fact, we are having our annual dinner & auction which is called Heart of the Horse on April 4th.”  Riding Horseback in Purple became a silent auction item at the dinner.

I encourage you to browse the SAFE website, even if you aren’t interested in horses.  The site is beautifully designed.  The event listings show professionalism and creativity.  They use social media.  Their mission statement is inspirational.  And the slide show of before and after images is tragic and magnificent.

Act Locally

There are many ways of helping this and other horse rescue centers near your home.  SAFE lists many ideas including donations, sponsoring a horse or volunteering.  There is a section in Riding Horseback in Purple that lists ideas as well.

For more information about Riding Horseback in Purple, go to the webpage. The page includes everything from a file including all the book reviews I could find, to an excerpt about buying or adopting a horse.

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Congratulations to Save a Forgotten Equine.  And thanks to Fledge Fjord for recommending them!

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