— Walk to honor Melissie Rumizen


Melissie Rumizen was a friend, a colleague, and an international consultant in knowledge management.  This was a small celebration of the life of an amazing woman.

Thank you for your support for cancer research. Yes, I completed the 60km walk in Vancouver! Lots of people stopped to read the official and unofficial biographies of Melissie, which she had shared when she was a special online guest in one of our MA in Knowledge Management courses at Royal Roads University. Here are sample excerpts:

Official:Dr. Melissie Rumizen began her career as a linguist in the United States Army. After ten years in military intelligence she became a civilian education specialist at an Army training school…”

Unofficial: ” Height: Not much; Weight: Too much; Age: Increasing; Profession: Rabblerouser; Voluntary interests: …learning enough of new languages to travel and socialize; Involuntary interests: Home repair and improvement…


Here is a photo of one of the many decorated Harleys used for traffic control; she would have loved it.