— Research and Presentations

facilitated for clients, employers and in conferences



MacGillivray, A. (upcoming) Seeds of Collaboration.  For Advancing Leadership Practice and Possibility.  Royal Roads University.

MacGillivray, A. (2013). The Nature of Islands in Knowledge Ecologies.  For Island Studies Conference, The Haven, Gabriola Island, Canada.

Communities of practice and twitter: week-long asynchronous conversations about social media practices (CPsquare.org)

Boundary Work: The Missing Link in Ethical Leadership Development: guest facilitator of online event

Technology tour for academic work (qualitative data analysis): Fielding Graduate University community members.

Putting Complexity to Work (workshop) with James Webber, PhD: Alexandria Virginia.

Systems, Society, Culture, Community with David Willis, Fred Steier and Rich Appelbaum: Alexandria Virginia.


Communities of Practice: Scholar-practitioner work: online facilitation with a Pepperdine MA cohort.

Co-facilitation of Online Community Enthusiasts’ Gathering (face to face and online)

Storytelling for Sustainability: One-hour radio interview with Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver on Transformation Talk Radio 


Leadership and Complexity Workshop with mid-career MA in Disaster and Emergency Management students at Royal Roads University: May.

Co-Facilitation of Online Community Enthusiasts’ gathering in Vancouver: May 12. We have a few artifacts from this event including John D. Smith’sinterview with me and the ideas I gathered from people offsite about what makes online community events successful.

Co-Hosting of CPsquare research & dissertation event on use of social media technologies in a social work group.

Bike Trail or Goat Trail? Different routes to the PhD and beyond: Alumni workshop at Fielding Graduate University national session to be co-facilitated with Lyn Hartley.

2011 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course: Southeastern Alberta. Overall facilitation and sessions on leadership, communities of practice, social media, and variations on The World Cafe.


Hosting of CPsquare research and dissertation event on environmental decision making and communities of practice: Oct 18-25.

2010 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course: Northern Ontario. October. Overall facilitation and sessions on leadership, communities of practice, social media, and variations on The World Cafe.

Co-facilitation of multi-day Fielding Graduate University session on sustainability: September.

Hosting of first event in CPsquare series on seeding communities through social media training.

Participant and presenter in 1st International Workshop on Complexity and Real World Applications, Southampton UK. Poster presentation on tools to help leaders work in complex environments and panel presentation on a qualitative research approach for complexity.


In preparation for the workshop, we prepared abstracts (which were reviewed for acceptance with a limit of 20 participants who came from 9 countries), prepared posters, drafted papers, and read others’ papers. During the workshop, we engaged in many large and small group conversations, presented posters and presented in panels or tool demonstrations. I very much enjoyed the panel I was on with Eve Mitleton-Kelly–who leads the Complexity Group at London School of Economics–and Brian Lawson, a consultant doing very interesting public sector work in the UK.

Co-facilitation of workshop with Online Community Enthusiasts: Vancouver. Sponsored by BC Campus.

Co-hosting of CPsquare Research and Dissertation Fest event: “Grady McGonagill – The Leadership Implications of the Evolving Web.”

Co-facilitation of workshop for a government-wide community of practice.

“Sustainability and Systems; Working Across Boundaries. Reflections of a Nexialist.” Santa Barbara.


Participant: program design focus group at Royal Roads University.

Facilitator: CPsquare Research and Dissertation Fest event: November 2009. Etienne Wenger on “Communities of practice and social learning systems: the career of a concept.”

Presenter: “The Nature of the Public Intellectual in Horizontal Landscapes” in panel session: “The Voices of the Public Intellectual in Relation to Sustainability.” Social Studies of Science annual meeting: Washington DC Oct 28-Nov 1.

2009 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course: Alma New Brunswick.

Presenter: “Turning Leadership Outside In: Boundary Spanners’ Internal Boundary Work.”  International Society for the Systems Sciences July 15, 2009.

Participant: Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium: Organizations and the Natural Environment August 7-8 2009.

Presenter: “Use of the C4P Model in a CoP study: Good practice building better theory.” CPSquare Spring Research and Dissertation Fest. June 9 2009.


Leadership in Communitiees of Practice (informal) in Online Community Enthusiasts gathering: May 1, Vancouver. Sponsored by BC Campus:

Leadership Development and Communities of Practice: April 21 for the Canadian Parks Council.

Co-facilitation of Fielding Graduate University doctoral student orientation March 7-12, Santa Barbara.

Introduction to Communities of Practice for Public Engagement Professionals (U.S., Canada, Australia).

Perceptions and Uses of Boundaries by Respected Leaders: A transdisciplinary inquiry. Final Oral Review for dissertation: January, Santa Barbara.

Collaborative Learning at Fielding in the 21st Century: Co-ordinated group of doctoral students and faculty to design and facilitate 1-day workshop with Etienne Wenger: Santa Barbara.


Perceptions and Uses of Boundaries by Respected Leaders—a Trans-disciplinary Inquiry: part of a CPsquare research fest (see blogpost)

2008 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course at Debert Hospitality Centre.

Enhancing knowledge work: for a public sector client.

Co-ordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) and Complexity with Barnett Pearce. Kansas City.

Complexity, Community and Ecological Practice with Fred Steier and Christine Ho. Kansas City.

Facilitation of week-long online conversation about doctoral research: McDonald, Jacquelin (2007) The role of online discussion forums in supporting learning in higher education. Unpublished Thesis, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, Australasian Digital Theses.

Table hosting in World Café session on “Leadership for Health Care Change Through Public Dialogue” jointly sponsored by Fielding Graduate University and Royal Roads University; Victoria B.C.

Leadership and Knowledge Management “Are on-the-ground leaders in complex environments using models that have not yet found their way into our standard toolkits for curriculum design, mentoring and other forms of leadership development?” Canada School, Ottawa.

World Café Research Gathering: an inaugural meeting of researchers, social entrepreneurs, and World Café pioneers to explore emerging opportunities for the development of World Café theory, research, and practice, Anaheim CA: a memorable collaborative event.

Invisible Excellence: the results of a policy study for a public sector group:

Diversity for the Unconverted: A presentation about benefits of diversity in complex environments as part of a panel on Transformative Learning and Social Justice. Santa Barbara CA.

Communities of Practice: public sector client in Duncan, B.C.

Community of Practice options for Dialogue and Deliberation: Santa Barbara CA.


Knowledge repositories and knowledge sharing: for a client in Victoria, B.C.

Scholar-Practitioners as change agents: An interactive panel on practice. Fielding Graduate University: Baltimore, Maryland

Leading and learning across boundaries. Fielding Graduate University: Baltimore, Maryland

Panel Chair/Organizer: Contextual Lenses for Ways of Knowing and Presenter: Making Sense of the Unpredictable: Society for Social Studies of Science Meeting: Montreal

(Read more on page 6 the Institute for Social Innovation’s Winter 2007 newsletter.)

2007 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course:

William Watson Lodge

Striving for Sustainability—An Experience in Simplicity and Complexity atOUR Ecovillage  Read More

Facilitated conversation with Major Pete Kilner, about his communities of practice-related dissertation work. Article by Pete Kilner.

Centre for Security Science: Ottawa Canada

Presented findings of a study: How Participants in Canada’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI) Understand their Work in a Network of Communities to members of the Centre for Security Science and other guests from the federal knowledge management network and from academia.

Introduction to Communities of Practice for Public Engagement Professionals (PowerPoint slides)


2006 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course: Cowichan Lake Education Centre, British Columbia

Selkirk College and KAST: Knowledge Management workshop

CPsquare: An Exploration of Complex, Knowledge-rich Environments

Maple Leaf Foods: Exploring potential for communities of practice

British Columbia Ministry of Forests: Leadership in complex, knowledge-rich environments

Fielding Graduate University: Living at the Edge — Organizational Change Inspired by Nature (Washington DC)

Royal Roads University: Communities of Practice (4-credit graduate course)

See “Knowledge Management” section of a graduate’s blog post comparing post-secondary Adventures in Learning.


2005 Offering of the Park System Leadership Course: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Lakehead University: Communities of practice and nature-based recreation.

CGAs, CMAs and Financial Management Institute: Leadership in times of uncertainty

AACE E-learning conference – DC: Genetic diversity as inspiration for instructional design

CGA Association: Leadership in a knowledge economy

Royal Roads University: Communities of Practice (4-credit graduate course)

Royal Roads University: Leadership and Culture (2-credit graduate course)


Provincial Government Premier’s office: communities of practice for enhancing effectiveness.

Communities of Practice Think Tanks (by invitation): Portland, Long Beach WA; Silicon Valley.

Royal Roads University: Communities of Practice (4-credit graduate course)

Royal Roads University: Learner-led Symposium (2-credit graduate course)

Royal Roads University: Leadership and Culture (2-credit graduate course)


Premier’s Round Table on E-Learning: facilitator, post-secondary sector (Summary by the Premier’s Technology Council)

Environment Canada: Knowledge management for environmental management

Conference Board of Canada–Knowledge Strategy Council: Knowledge management in education

GeoTec Global Conference: GIS and new generations of knowledge management: Is there a fit?

FORREX International Conference: Closing Presentation: Is it time to move from information management to knowledge management? (overview of presentations)

Royal Roads University: Communities of Practice (4-credit graduate course)

Royal Roads University: Leadership and Culture (2-credit graduate course)


Royal Roads University: Knowledge management for First Nations communities

British Columbia Government: Valuing and facilitating knowledge transfer in government

Parks Canada IM/KM Conference: A federal park case study in knowledge management

Vancouver KM Community of Practice: An overview of the Royal Roads KM program

National Law Librarians’ Conference: Your library in an organizational KM initiative, with Dana McFarland.

Project Management Institute: Keynote presenter: Come west young man: The rich harvest of project management & knowledge management

5th World Congress on Intellectual Capital: A business lens on business intelligence. McMaster University.