Research for Understanding

I can provide you with an unusual service if you need to understand more about something in your organization or network.  For example:

  • How could new recruits better learn from effective, seasoned employees?
  • Why is one group thriving while other similar groups are floundering?

I work with a combination of observation, conversation and analysis to surface key insights.

Subject Matter Expert: Leadership, Knowledge Work, Complexity

Do you need outside expertise for

  • leadership development?
  • learning (formal or informal)?
  • development (employee or organization)?
  • work with increased complexity?

I can bring that expertise and help you develop it in your organization.

Training and Workshops

Do you need custom learning designs to fit with your content and culture?  Off-the-shelf training packages do not bring the authenticity and context needed for optimal learning.  I can work collaboratively with you to develop short workshops through multi-day retreats.  Designs typically include small group interactions in varied formals, and work with current organizational challenges.

Informal Learning

  • Do you wish your employees were building more expertise, knowledge, capacity and capability?
  • Do you consider formal training as a small part of a much larger learning context?
  • Do you value continuous learning and improvement?
  • Do you wish that organizational silos did not inhibit learning?

I can help you to strengthen informal learning through approaches such as structured brainstorming sessions, peer assists and communities of practice.