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I am an associate with a company that does research, manufacturing and distribution of extremely high quality nutritional supplements in the U.S., Canada and many other countries.

More locally, I distribute certified organic grains, flours and cereals, again from another very high quality company.  At present, I am only distributing on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.  Next orders for grain, flour. cereal etc. for Gabriola residents and visitors are due October 10.  Here is my latest newsletter:

Hello everyone.  I don’t know about you, but I did less cooking and baking through the summer when the house was warm, the days were long and there was so much good local produce.  Now the leeks at the market remind me of how good it is to serve homemade soup and the jars of jam on my counter tempt me to make some barley scones. 

I plan to put a grain order in on October 12 so it would be great to hear what you need by midnight on October 10.  If there are little quantities of something you need in the meanwhile, I might have it.  I am attaching a price list.
All the grains and flours are certified organic from Vancouver Island Grain and Milling.  The flours are whole grain and freshly milled.  At a warm room temperature, you lose most of the nutrition in whole grain flour within a few days.  So keep your freshly milled products in the freezer or refrigerator.
FAQ for new customers:
Q: How does ordering and pick up work?
A: You send me an order by e-mail (and feel free to ask any questions).  I keep you up to date on when your order will be ready.  You get the order either by a) my delivering when I know you will be home to pay with cash or cheque, b) your leaving a rodent proof container in the shade with a cheque or cash, or c) if those don’t work, picking up at my home.
Q: Where is the grain grown?
A: The company owner encourages and supports local growers and goes to the prairies to buy what he cannot get locally.  The organic growers on the prairies are always interested in learning from the small, local growers here. 
Q: I don’t know much about different grains or baking.  Do you have any advice?
A: I am not a professional baker but often answer questions and refer people to websites. 
Q: I am a bit sensitive to wheat.  Are there other products?
A: Yes, there is a big variety; see the list below.  And many people with wheat sensitivities find that they can easily digest the older, less hybridized wheat varieties.  
Q: Could I share this information with a neighbour?
A: Of course.  And if you’d like a little sample of something for them to try, just ask.

If you have any health goals or concerns that might benefit from supplements, I would be happy to work with you.  A friend of ours has been having problems with inflammation and joint pain.  He added the supplement Procosa to the other things he is doing and he said there was a noticeable improvement, which became very apparent when he ran out!  This is another company that is adamant about quality and has repeatedly won the Editor’s Choice Award for the best supplements of over 1600 studied by biochemists.  And they continue to research independently and in collaboration with several universities and the Linus Pauling Institute.  Let me know if you would like to learn more.

I have attached the price list of everything from multigrain cereal to yellow peas for soup to flours for biscuits:

Alice MacGillivray, PhD